First Person Arts Celebrates 20 years of storytelling

From our founding in 2001, First Person Arts’ goal was to bring people and communities together through the power of the personal. Vicki Solot had planned to launch Blue Sky on September 28, 2001, as a response to the burgeoning interest in memoir and documentary art forms. Solot appreciated the resonance of real stories and recognized their value as a means of bridging cultural ethnic divides.
Unfortunately, the horrific events of 9/11 forced Vicki to postpone that launch. As a result of that tragedy, First Person Arts Festival of Memoir and Documentary Art was born. In 2006 Blue Sky became First Person Arts and we have showcased the work of hundreds of artists nationwide. We have reached across cultures and communities to attract a broad and diverse audience; we have played an important role in exploring and celebrating the richness of the mixed heritage and shared history of everyday Americans.

Every November, February, May and August - we celebrate each volume of the First Person Arts anthology (season) with a series of capstone events.  Each capstone series features curated storytelling experiences that speak to the communities we serve.   Please enjoy the brochure from the Volume 3 series of capstone events below and stay tuned for the release of our Volume 4 series of capstone events, “Embrace”.


LIVE StorySlam: Never Again

At Cherry Street Pier

Thursday, October 21, 2021

We all have had that moment when upon completion of a task, an event, a move, a night out, a marriage….we’ve said NEVER AGAIN!   Sometimes more than once.   Tell us is forever stricken from your list of things or SHOULD be....