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The Morning After
A Story by Paul

"I knew I couldn't have any more morning afters like this."

The Morning After
A Story by Melissa

Listen to Melissa share about her trip to London and Edinburgh and how cannabis has made an appearance.

The Morning After
A Story by JT

Listen to how JT put down her cigarettes and landed on top of the world.

The Morning After
A Story by Jim

Listen to how Jims hotel room party landed him in a pretty shaky morning after.

The Morning After
A Story by Jill

Listen to the morning after giving birth factored as "The Happiest Day of her life."

The Morning After
A Story by Geoff, the StorySlam Host

Listen to how missing Sunday brunch led to an interesting morning after for Geoff.

The Morning After
A Story by Frank

Listen to how Frank "...woke up laying down in the back of a car with his hands cuffed behind his back."

The Morning After
A Story by Ashley

Listen to how Ashley spent her 20's not wanting to get pregnant and what one morning after led to.

The Morning After
The Winning Story by GK

Listen to GK's winning story about how his morning afters are better than Michaelangelo.

Straight, No Chaser
A Story by Steve

Monday, June 17, 2019

L'Etage, Philadelphia

Theme: Straight, No Chaser

Music by Subglo.

Animation by Rob Jennings.


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