What’s a StorySlam?

A StorySlam is more than a storytelling competition. It’s an invitation to share five minutes of your life in a room full of people who appreciate a well-told tale. Audience storytellers take to the stage with real life stories on the theme of the night. Winners get a $100 prize and the chance to compete in the season finale GrandSlam. Got five minutes? Come and lend an ear, or share an experience.



What is a Virtual StorySlam? A Virtual StorySlam is our regular StorySlam but online. We will randomly choose five storytellers who submit their names in the virtual bucket to share their stories via the Zoom platform. The audience will be able to watch and interact with the host through their viewing platform!

Why only five storytellers? At our live events, we usually draw ten storytellers with an intermission between the first five and the second five. We want you to create the MOST engaging and interactive experience for you and found that five was the best number.

What about audience judges? Judging has never been easier! In the chat box at the start of the show, we will provide a link to the digital audience survey form.
In this form, you will rank each storyteller based on a scale of 1-10 (more info on this can be found here) and then you can choose which storyteller is your favorite! The storyteller with the highest accumulated score will win the $100 prize and the storytelling with the highest favorite ranking will be the audience favorite!

How can I tell a story? We are trying something new in this area. We want to select who will tell their story in advance so that we may better promote the StorySlam and give folks the opportunity to share their appearance broadly! We have the same release forms in digital format for you to fill out and we are asking for some additional information IF YOU HAVE IT TO GIVE! If you do not yet know what your story will be, it will NOT preclude you from being selected. Everyone will have an equal opportunity to be selected from the Virtual Bucket. Approximately two weeks before each StorySlam, we will announce who the upcoming storytellers will be on the website and social media platforms.

I just want to be a judge! NO STAGE FOR ME! We will use guest judges and audience judges. If we use an audience judge, you will be on camera and therefore will need to fill out a release form when you sign up. If you are interested in being an audience judge, we will let you know one week before the StorySlam so that we can get you the appropriate ZOOM access. **You still need to purchase a ticket to be an audience judge. Proof of purchase will be required to be selected as an audience judge, so hold onto your confirmation emails!**


Future StorySlam Dates!


June 22, 2021 - The Afterglow  |  July 20, 2021 - Cat's Out of the Bag  |  August 21, 2021 - Sex-Files  |   

 September 28, 2021 - Flirting with Disaster |  October 21, 2021 - Never Again | TBD  November 2021 - GrandSlam  

Stories from Past Slams

How does a StorySlam work?

Each month, we set a theme and invite up to 10 people from the audience to share a personal story from their lives that relates to that theme. And, if you're in the audience, you get to participate, too.

Step 1 — At the Door

Throw your name into a bucket at the door if you'd like to share a story, or if you'd like to judge the stories told. We draw 10 storyteller names and 3 official judges.

Step 2 — On Stage

Each storyteller is given 5 minutes on the mic to tell a story and win over the crowd. Sorry folks, but no props or notes allowed.

Step 3 — Voting

The judges score each storyteller on Content and Presentation using a ten-point scale.

Read more about scoring.

And the Winner is...

Scoring a StorySlam

A measure of the story itself.

Plot The story has a plot with a strong beginning, absorbing middle, and it drives right through to the end, with a strong arc.

Theme It relates to the theme of the Slam.

A measure of how well the story is told.

Connection The storyteller must bring the story to life and connect with the audience.

Length The story is 5 minutes or less.

Tips for Storytellers

  1. All stories must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Know your plot points.
  2. Tell your story from your point of view.
  3. Know your first line and last line when you step on stage. Knowing what point A and point Z are will help you get through the rest if you get nervous.

Straight from the Storytellers