StoryGym with Alyssa Al-Dookhi

Have you wondered why you haven’t won a StorySlam yet?  So you have wanted to take your storytelling skills to the next level, but weren’t sure how? 

First Person Arts has created an all-access workshop for any and all storytellers that will provide one on one story coaching for only a $5 registration fee. The StoryGym with Alyssa Al-Dookhi is a monthly Facebook Live event. Alyssa, a comedian, writer, and game show host will MC.   

  • Each StoryGym will feature up to 10 storytellers who will share a story along ANY theme.  Registration is capped at 10 storytellers so if you register, you are in!
  • Alyssa and featured story coaches will provide feedback on your story to strengthen and improve your work.
  • Storyteller friends and family can still enjoy your true, personal narrative.  And now for FREE.
  • We want you to relax and enjoy us from your couch or your bed, and we will be streaming the StoryGym to Youtube so that you can get AWAY from the desk!
  • StoryGym storytellers enter the pipeline to share a story during the Curated StorySlams.