90-minute Storytelling for Business Master Class with The Story Studio

A 2021 First Person Arts Anthology presentation

Tickets on sale beginning 1/15/2021

Tickets on sale 1/15/2021

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Doors | 12:30 PM Show


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About the Event

This class covers how and why storytelling is an invaluable tool for communication in business settings. Participants will be guided in applying the principles of compelling storytelling to communicate more effectively on the job. Brief lectures and hands-on exercises will focus on bringing an emotionally resonant arc to brand biographies, personal anecdotes for professional networking, and vision-into-action stories. Whether it is used for talking about important projects, selling a product, selling oneself to a client or hiring manager, crafting stories for grant proposals, or talking to the press, storytelling is a tool that helps people deliver important messages in a way that is clear, compelling and memorable.

The class consists of exercises that will help you identify and refine a story. Everyone will get to practice telling a story with a partner, and a few volunteers will get the chance to perform their stories for the full group and receive in-depth feedback from their instructor and classmates.

Session Requirements:

1. Please plan to have your camera on during the class if possible. We will be working in teams of two, and being able to see each other is helpful.

2. Using a headset or directional mic is recommended but not required.

3. This session will be videotaped for marketing purposes. Should you have any issues with being recorded, plan to attend as an observer for the majority of the class (with your camera and microphone off). Work done in teams will not be recorded.
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Cyndi Freeman has over 20 years of experience as a storyteller and 10 years of experience as a storytelling instructor, leading classes in storytelling for business, performance and personal growth.

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Advanced tickets are $25, Day of event $29.

The Virtual StorySlams will be shared through ZOOM video conferencing software.  After you register for your ticket, you will get an email with the link to join the StorySlam before it starts. To learn more about ZOOM, click here.

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