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RISK! Livestream Online Show

A 2021 First Person Arts Anthology presentation

Tickets on sale beginning 1/15/2021

Tickets on sale 1/15/2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

Doors | 7:00 PM Show


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About the Event

The RISK! podcast and live shows feature people telling true, uncensored stories from their lives, some of which may mention topics to which individual audience members could be sensitive. Any RISK! program may address topics such as death, drug use, trauma, violence, sexual assault, physical or emotional abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, physical injuries, medical conditions, suicide, politics, religion, race relations, war, and/or difficult emotions. Our show's producers are always reachable at for anyone who might have questions or concerns about the content of our show.

RISK! is a live show and podcast where people tell true stories they never thought they'd dare to share. Founded in 2009 by Kevin Allison of MTV's legendary sketch comedy show, The State, RISK! has been downloaded tens of millions of times and has featured incredible true stories from Sarah Silverman, Trevor Noah, Dan Savage, Margaret Cho, Michael Ian Black, and regular folks from around the world. Slate calls RISK! "jaw-dropping, hilarious, and just plain touching." RISK! also puts on live shows for sold-out crowds internationally. Learn more at

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Early Bird tickets are $22.50 until January 29.  
If you purchase your ticket the DAY OF THE EVENT the ticket price will be $29.00.

The performance will be shared through ZOOM video conferencing software. To learn more about ZOOM, click here.

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