Virtual StorySlam: Now, What?

Tickets on sale beginning 11/18/2020

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

7:15 PM Doors | 7:30 PM Show


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What better time than the end of the year to sit back and ask ourselves, “Now what?” At some point, we all find ourselves at a crossroads or an impasse with no directions to guide us, and everyone has a story about whether they found the answer from within or from without. 

Whether you come with a story, or an ear to hear one, let’s chart a new course and the question begs to be answered. “Now what?

In the meantime, take a stroll down memory lane and watch the top storytellers from our Winner’s playlist on our Youtube channel. Please subscribe and click notifications so you won’t miss any of our great videos.

A special thank you to our event sponsor Distilled Leadership  Distilled Leadership offers virtual and live workshops that teach lessons and leadership principles from the American bourbon industry – an industry with 150-years of history, including 7 events over this period that should have wiped the entire industry out. Yet it survives and is growing faster than ever. Even if you’re not a bourbon fan, you’ll find fascinating and relevant leadership lessons that will help you, your team, and your company.

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Want to tell a story?! Toss your name in the virtual bucket and we will select the next five storytellers the week of October 2! 

Tickets are $10.00, we invite you to pour yourself a cocktail or pop some corn and gather with your family to watch the best StorySlam in Philadelphia.

The Virtual StorySlams will be shared through ZOOM video conferencing software. Audience members will be able to see and text chat with the host and timekeeper as well as choose audience favorite. After you register for your ticket, you will get an email with the link to join the StorySlam before it starts. To learn more about ZOOM, click here.

ACCESS Cardholders purchase $2 admission with the use of the discount code provided in your Art-Reach Newsletter.  ACCESS Philly is a city-wide initiative led by Art-Reach.  Thank you Art-Reach!  

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