COVID Stories

"In The News"

COVID Stories - A digital Memoir from the pandemic

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Doors | 5:30 PM Show


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About the Event

This week, First Person Arts Brings you “In the News” as a part of our new series COVID Stories: A digital memoir from the pandemic.   

The newspapers are full of headlines about the stimulus money we all are waiting to receive or best practices on self quarantining.   Storytellers this week have found themselves living lives straight from the pages of the papers.  

Listen to Dan retell his experience at, maybe his last Broadway show, for a really long while, and Emily as self quarantining became a deeper reflection of the love between her and her husband.  Then we have Yemima sharing how the stimulus check affected her - in Israel and Heidi delights us with her brand of quarantining efficiency.  First Person Arts - We will keep you company.



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