One story can change a person, a place, a world.

One story can transform the "I" to the "we". One story can galvanize movements for positive change. This is what we have witnessed in 2020. First Person Arts has captured those stories for us now and for posterity. Our work has become an anthology of voices heard through the best and worst of times. Potent voices we're accustomed to hearing of the powerless, breaking through barriers to be heard. When unleashed, they become a powerful force. We do this for you, because of you, and because we love each and every one of you.


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Virtual StorySlam: I'm Out

All times are Eastern Standard

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Winter is almost over. We’re on the cusp of spring. As we await the blooms of spring, take time to consider what you have definitely concluded in your life.  What are those mic drop moments?  Those times when you threw your hands...