Volume 3 of the 2021 First Person Arts Anthology is all about being  RELEASED!

And, as we all are being released from the confines of Covid-19 and 2020, we want to know how you are enjoying your renewed freedom. How are you reconnecting with the world? What are you looking forward to doing the most?

2020 was a tumultuous time, and this summer, First Person Arts is providing you with a host of ways to release your energies and get back in sync with each other.
#FirstPersonArts #Summer2021 #summerfun

2021 is our 20th Anniversary and we will continue to create environments in which you can bear witness to the artists we engage to share their curated stories.  We will continue to lead in powerful storytelling as we innovate in the virtual realm and create more opportunities for you to release the power of your voice.

Join us, we will keep you company.

Thank you for being beautifully and uniquely, YOU!

First Person Arts